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What is the meaning of weariness in Hindi?

Meaning of weariness in Hindi is : सुस्ती

Definition of word weariness

  • exhaustion, fatigue or tiredness (noun)
  • a lack of interest or excitement (noun)

Examples of word weariness

    • Ceased only that form of service which brings weariness, and have found perfect happiness in the ability to continue service without weariness_. "
    • As I was setting up that afternoon, the weariness from the past week began to fade and the reality of the situation set it: I was in line of sight of the display (shown above) by Artist Guest of Honor (and friend of SF Signal) John Picacio.
    • I feel this article somewhat misses the point - indeed it has more than a touch of mandarin weariness and disdain about it, or else technocratic superiority.
    • The light from the bedroom pooled at the entrance to the main room, and I could see the glitter of his strange eyes, the expression of weariness across the elegant lines of his face.
    • This weariness is interrupted by the knocking of an Indian on your window … tap, tap, tap …


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