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What is the meaning of weighty in Hindi?

Meaning of weighty in Hindi is : स्थूलकाय

Definition of word weighty

  • Having weight; heavy; ponderous; as, a weighty body. (adjective)
  • Adapted to turn the balance in the mind, or to convince; important; forcible; serious; momentous. (adjective)
  • Rigorous; severe; afflictive. (adjective)

Examples of word weighty

  • The dancer has also been cast in a new ballet by choreographer Christopher Wheeldon, which makes its premiere May 24, that she described as a weighty, funereal pas de deux with principle Marcelo Gomes.
  • I felt this lent the film a certain weighty irony; something that would have been lost had a human being taken the part.
  • Christ Jesus, who broaches false doctrines and propagates them to the corrupting of the faith in weighty and momentous points, and breaks the peace of the church about them, after due means used to reclaim him, must be rejected.
  • First, my book group was reading what can only be described as a weighty tome, which took a lot of time to get through, even if it was enjoyable.
  • It is true, however, my dear Edward, that you have lost your father; but as to this flourish of his unpleasant situation having grated upon his spirits and hurt his health — the truth is — for though it is harsh to say so now, yet it will relieve your mind from the idea of weighty responsibility — the truth then is, that Mr. Richard


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