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What is the meaning of well behaved in Hindi?

Meaning of well behaved in Hindi is : सुचरित

Definition of word well behaved

Examples of word well behaved

  • But they also have an economic interest in raising wellbehaved children.
  • Johannesburg police spokesman Inspector Mark Reynolds said the marchers were wellbehaved and there were no incidents.
  • Clearly our hosts did not want to have a bunch of media trendies rampaging round their island frightening the birds with their video cameras and Filofaxes, and they were only slightly mollified by the fact that all we had was one tiny Walkman tape recorder, and that we were being very meek and wellbehaved and trying not to order gin and tonics the whole time.
  • I know Mrs. Jones; she is a kind, wellbehaved, motherly woman.
  • His dogs were so wellbehaved, like big teddy bears.


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