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What is the meaning of well mannered in Hindi?

Meaning of well mannered in Hindi is :

Definition of word well mannered

Examples of word well mannered

  • The sounds steadily grew louder as I neared a bend in the road, until my gentle and usually wellmannered horse decided he would take exception to this rumbling hubbub.
  • The road smoothed a little, and Jack began to sing certain songs, those which he undoubtedly knew to be of a nature guaranteed to intrigue small, wellmannered boys, and Andrew and Charlie eagerly took up the task of learning the melodies and most especially the lyrics of these odes to bodily functions.
  • wellmannered kitteh wellmannered kitteh coughs in her paw kitteh shud teach dis owl sum mannerz.
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  • Then I’d sit down in the midst of a group of clean, neat, wellmannered sailors and bid them hello.


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