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What is the meaning of wheezing in Hindi?

Meaning of wheezing in Hindi is : श्वास लेने का काम

Definition of word wheezing

  • The quality or symptom of breathing with an audible wheeze (noun)
  • Present participle of wheeze. (verb)

Examples of word wheezing

    • I wedge a pillow behind her and she eases back, wheezing from the effort.
    • It was the best I'd felt all day, and I was wheezing from the ouch of it all.
    • "Who -- me?" called a wheezing voice right in his ear.
    • Experiencing respiratory symptoms with the allergy, however — such as wheezing or runny nose — strongly predicts the likelihood that the allergy will persist considerably longer into childhood.
    • One is the perceived lack of control over one's environment that mold can create and the other is mold-related health problems such as wheezing, fatigue and colds.


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