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What is the meaning of whirled in Hindi?

Meaning of whirled in Hindi is :

Definition of word whirled

  • Simple past tense and past participle of whirl. (verb)

Examples of word whirled

  • In self-defense, my brain whirled out the scenario.
  • Her brain whirled on and on, now dwelling at insistent length upon her misfortunes, now pursuing the most fantastic ramifications of what she considered her disgrace, and, again, going back to her childhood and wandering through endless trivial detail.
  • Once he missed the outstretched hands, and Norah gasped expecting to see him terribly hurt – instead of which he fell harmlessly into a big net thoughtfully spread for his reception, and rebounded like a tennis ball, kissing his hand gracefully to the audience, after which he again whirled through the air, and this time landed safely in the hands of the hanging man, who had all this while seemed just as comfortable head downwards as any other way.
  • Matho had lost his shoulder-pieces, his helmet, his cuirass; he was completely naked, and more livid than the dead, with his hair quite erect, and two patches of foam at the corners of his lips, — and his sword whirled so rapidly that it formed an aureola around him.
  • Call whirled around, almost going off the bluff himself.


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