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What is the meaning of whisper in Hindi?

Meaning of whisper in Hindi is : सरसराहट

Definition of word whisper

  • The act of speaking in a quiet voice, especially, without vibration of the vocal cords. (noun)
  • A rumor. (noun)
  • A faint trace or hint (of something). (noun)
  • A private message to an individual in a chat room. (noun)
  • To talk in a quiet voice. (verb)

Examples of word whisper

  • At last, there came a little rustling, whispering sound, all round the window: _rustle, whisper, whisper_.
  • You just have to/* whisper ... whisper ... whisper*/
  • The urge to spend is strong, especially with what I call the "whisper crew" -- friends, relatives, hangers-on, etc. -- surrounding them.
  • Unions and Democrats are routinely found, again and again, to be embezzling massive amounts of money, with barely a whisper from the media.
  • So I left Benicia, where John Barleycorn had nearly got me, and ranged wider afield in pursuit of the whisper from the back of life to come and find.


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