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What is the meaning of whisper in Hindi?

Meaning of whisper in Hindi is : सरसराहट

Definition of word whisper

Examples of word whisper

  • Without discussing the legal reasoning behind those cases, Clancy instead read off a list of the lurid titles involved, like Sex Life of a Cop, Lust School, Sin Whisper, Orgy House, Sinners Seance, Bayoo Sinner, Passion Priestess, and Flesh Avenger.
  • Christine is the author of three novels - Sanibel Scribbles, Portion of the Sea, and Sand in My Eyes, and the gift book, Whisper from the Ocean.
  • We paid an artist for his time in creating a cover for our gift book, Whisper from the Ocean.
  • I am so thrilled that Darkest Whisper is coming out!
  • I have to admit I'm definitely intrigued (you're a new-to-me author Gena:) .... and the cover of The Darkest Whisper is gorgeous IMO!


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