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What is the meaning of white in Hindi?

Meaning of white in Hindi is : हिमयुक्त

Definition of word white

  • Bright and colourless; reflecting equal quantities of all frequencies of visible light. (adjective)
  • Of Caucasian race. (adjective)
  • Designated for use by Caucasians. (adjective)
  • Relatively light or pale in colour. (adjective)
  • Containing cream, milk, or creamer. (adjective)
  • The standard denomination of the playing pieces of a board game deemed to belong to the white set, no matter what the actual colour. (adjective)
  • Pertaining to an ecclesiastical order whose adherents dress in white habits; Cistercian. (adjective)
  • Honourable, fair; decent. (adjective)
  • Lacking coloration from ultraviolet light. (adjective)
  • The color/colour of snow or milk; the colour of light containing equal amounts of all visible wavelengths. (noun)
  • A Caucasian person. (noun)
  • The albumen of bird eggs (egg white). (noun)
  • The sclera, white of the eye. (noun)
  • Any butterfly of the Pieris genus. (noun)
  • The cue ball in cue games. (noun)
  • White wine. (noun)
  • Street name for cocaine. (noun)
  • To make white; to whiten; to bleach. (verb)

Examples of word white

  • When people squint and say, Scott, you are a white guy, I peel off a shoe and sock and show them what my untanned skin looks like; "Oh, *white* guy."
  • If the term Ëœwhiteâ„¢ stands for its suppositum, it refers to a thing that is white or to Ëœthat which is whiteâ„¢, but if it stands for the quality or form, it refers to the whiteness inhering in that which is white, rather than to the thing in which it inheres.
  • Hence white horse, the extension of Ëœwhite horseâ„¢, is not the same as (identical to) horse, the extension of Ëœhorseâ„¢.
  • A denominative term such as Ëœwhiteâ„¢ signifies by imposition a substance that is white, but it signifies by representation the whiteness inhering in the substance.
  • His most famous line, “A white horse is not a horse, ” deals with the important distinction between “horse, ” “white, ” and “white horse.


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