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What is the meaning of white skinned in Hindi?

Meaning of white skinned in Hindi is :

Definition of word white skinned

Examples of word white skinned

  • Tall, slender, and graceful now that his injuries had healed, Aari - was whiteskinned and silver-maned.
  • The latter looked up at the sound of the blow and the cry, and now he glared in wild-eyes amazement at the whiteskinned woman who stood over the corpse with a dripping sword in her hand.
  • But these later times, when the restless and ambitious spirit of the whiteskinned race had crossed the boundary line and made inroads upon the manners, customs and primitive religion of the Indian, the Great Spirit determined to and through His servant, Handsomelake, did reveal his will to the Indians.
  • "He and Redhair and all those whiteskinned devils that stole the tribesfolk from us.


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