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What is the meaning of whiteness in Hindi?

Meaning of whiteness in Hindi is : सफेदी

Definition of word whiteness

  • The state of being white. (noun)

Examples of word whiteness

  • But the philosopher who asks whether the Taj has “whiteness” as a constituent and the philosopher who supposes that the Taj does have this property-constituent and asks, “What is the nature of this relation Ëœconstituent ofâ„¢ that Ëœwhitenessâ„¢ bears to the Taj?” are asking questions about its ontological structure.)
  • The term whiteness studies is misleading because what we're actually trying to do is eliminate racial categories in America, but we have to study the history of racial categories to understand racism.
  • On the other hand, though you suppress the term whiteness, you do not suppress some white thing, [25] though, of course, if the particular whiteness inhere as an accident in the thing, the thing disappears as soon as you suppress the accidental quality whiteness.
  • For, if sugar produce in us the ideas which we call whiteness and sweetness, we are sure there is a power in sugar to produce those ideas in our minds, or else they could not have been produced by it.
  • What will it mean to be white when whiteness is no longer the norm?


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