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What is the meaning of wholehearted in Hindi?

Meaning of wholehearted in Hindi is : हार्दिक

Definition of word wholehearted

  • Having no reservations; having unconditional and enthusiastic support. (adjective)

Examples of word wholehearted

  • ACCORDING TO the American Heritage College Dictionary, the word wholehearted means “marked by unconditional commitment, unstinting devotion, or unreserved enthusiasm.”
  • I am in wholehearted agreement as to your intelligence and accomplishments, congratulate you for all your MFAs, academic positions and whatnot.
  • And, Claude, I could take your last post apart sentence by sentence and write an essay in wholehearted agreement with every point you make!
  • Ms. GOFF: I'm nodding because I'm in wholehearted agreement with her.
  • I am in wholehearted agreement with that assessment, and I also share a lot of the angst over some of the smaller cuts that were made as well.


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