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What is the meaning of willing in Hindi?

Meaning of willing in Hindi is : स्वैच्छिक

Definition of word willing

  • Ready to do something that is not (can't be expected as) a matter of course. (adjective)
  • The execution of a will. (noun)
  • Present participle of will. (verb)

Examples of word willing

  • Coalition of the willing has become a joke: The “coalition of the willing” has become the butt of jokes rather than serious criticism.
  • It doesn’t matter what Sen. Arlen Specter says, he is still just a scared old man, willing to postulate himself before the alter of the neo-con crazies, to keep his status, money and power..willing to commit treasonous acts against his own country for the almighty dollar and comfort in his doting, slavering old age..to hell with the grandchildren…
  • It just took some time to find a label willing to take the risk to sign a French band singing in English.
  • Ed Stasium tried but couldn’t find a label willing to pick up the album.
  • Here, therefore, we feign a new act of the mind, which we call the willing an obligation; and on this we suppose the morality to depend.


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