Meaning of windbag in Hindi

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What is the meaning of windbag in Hindi?

Meaning of windbag in Hindi is : बातूनी

Definition of word windbag

  • Bellows for an organ. (noun)
  • someone who talks excessively (noun)

Examples of word windbag

    • So perhaps the father, brother/sister, or some important windbag from the banquet/ceremony conspires to banish him to the earth world and be rid of the boy forever?
    • A windbag tied to another windbag is not exactly a good thing.
    • Does it sound like this irrelevant windbag is trying to pull together facts to otherwise justify her racist beliefs?
    • #64 — The mighty windbag is back spewing her nonsense.
    • The problem with the windbag is that she sees this as a ‘game’, and something she wants to ‘win’.


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