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What is the meaning of winder in Hindi?

Meaning of winder in Hindi is : सोपान मोड़

Definition of word winder

  • A textile worker, or machine, that winds cloth (noun)
  • A spool around which something is wound (noun)
  • A key or knob for winding a clock, watch or clockwork mechanism (noun)
  • One of the steps of a spiral staircase (noun)

Examples of word winder

  • Here I took the wheels off so you can see the skein winder in situ:
  • One nice feature of the charkha is that there's a skein winder included.
  • The men pointed and stared for fifteen minutes before the police chief motioned toward a small wishing well protruding from the lower frame of the machine, exclaiming, “The little crank and shaft for the well bucket is the bobbin winder!”
  • The freeplay radio and flashlight (although bulky) are worthy objects, especially in isolated environments, but the battery winder is one more gadget that I’d rather not have.
  • "Well, sir, I won't say anything about the hextry gas, though a poor widder and sevenpence hextry on the thousand, but I'm thinkin 'if you would give my Rosie a lesson once a week on that there pianner, it would be a kind of set-off, for you know, sir, the policeman tells me your winder is a landmark to' im on the foggiest nights."


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