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What is the meaning of wireless in Hindi?

Meaning of wireless in Hindi is : वायरलैस

Definition of word wireless

  • Not having any wires. (adjective)
  • Of or relating to communication without a wired connection, such as by radio waves. (adjective)
  • The medium of radio communication. (noun)
  • A radio set. (noun)
  • Wireless connectivity to a computer network. (noun)
  • To send a message by wireless (by radio) (verb)

Examples of word wireless

  • If you have been on wireless as long as I have been you will see that major disruption in wireless is going to happen soon.
  • This report would not be complete without touching on the fact that the term wireless HD is used by nearly all manufacturers of any wireless video product.
  • United States wireless companies tend to use the term wireless to refer to a wide range of services while the cell phone itself is called a mobile phone, mobile,
  • But while most of these shorthand terms have agreed-upon meanings, that's not the case with "4G," the term wireless carriers use for a variety of upgraded services.
  • Most people listened to what they call the wireless, the radio.


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