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What is the meaning of wish in Hindi?

Meaning of wish in Hindi is : शुभकामनाएँ

Definition of word wish

  • a will for something to happen. (noun)
  • To hope (for a particular outcome). (verb)

Examples of word wish

    • I hate endings, but endings, are just new beginnings, right? right? as you wish, my love, as you wish~ old starlight - new starbright
    • I really can't stand the skinny thing and I just wish wish *wish* you'd get your old look back.
    • I will have his taste, I will have his smell, and he will have mine… while you just dream, dream, and wish, and wish…
    • “I thought that you might possibly wish me to get in touch with you, if only to give you a few details  …   Yes  …   Yes  …   When you wish  …   I will come to the Rue de Varenne then an hour from now  …  ”
    • "I wish -- I _wish_ I could only show you how I love you -- how grateful I am for all your goodness; but you will never, never know."
    • "I didn't mean for to wake you; but I wish -- I _wish_ I hadn't boned them coppers off Jim; it makes me feel so bad when I think as the King saw me;" and Wikkey buried his face in the kind arm which encircled him, in uncontrollable grief.
    • On the other hand, if we wish to express a _desire_ or _wish_, a
    • And after she had been here she wrote to her father in Cracow, where he is at manoeuvres, saying that if he would like to grant her her chief wish, then, when he came back to Vienna, he was to take me with him to K-- M--; this was really the _greatest wish_ she had ever had in her life!
    • "I wish -- I _wish_," he said, "that you would let me take you home."
    • 'I wish I could hear what he's saying,' thought the little maiden, 'or most of all, I _wish_ he'd go and that other man too -- oh, he's going, but Mr. Redding is asking for something else now!