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What is the meaning of wish in Hindi?

Meaning of wish in Hindi is : शुभकामनाएँ

Definition of word wish

  • a will for something to happen. (noun)
  • a water meadow. (noun)
  • To hope (for a particular outcome). (verb)
  • To bestow (a thought or gesture) towards (someone or something). (verb)
  • To request or desire to do an activity. (verb)

Examples of word wish

  • I hate endings, but endings, are just new beginnings, right? right? as you wish, my love, as you wish~ old starlight - new starbright
  • I really can't stand the skinny thing and I just wish wish *wish* you'd get your old look back.
  • I will have his taste, I will have his smell, and he will have mineÂ… while you just dream, dream, and wish, and wishÂ…
  • “I thought that you might possibly wish me to get in touch with you, if only to give you a few details  …   Yes  …   Yes  …   When you wish  …   I will come to the Rue de Varenne then an hour from now  …  ”
  • "I wish -- I _wish_ I could only show you how I love you -- how grateful I am for all your goodness; but you will never, never know."


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