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What is the meaning of wishful in Hindi?

Meaning of wishful in Hindi is : महत्वाकांक्षी

Definition of word wishful

  • Expressing a wish or longing for something. (adjective)
  • Aspiring, or seeking advancement. (adjective)

Examples of word wishful

    • Did she get on Leander's nerves, or was that what they called wishful thinking on her part?
    • "Some were wildly optimistic and it's what I call wishful thinking," said Chris Benson, who heads energy policy for the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.
    • Now that's what I call wishful thinking on your part.
    • My reaction is that it is you who is engaging in wishful thinking.
    • Yes | No | Report from cindypiep wrote 2 weeks 3 days ago moishe, I know, call it wishful thinking


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