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What is the meaning of witch hazel in Hindi?

Meaning of witch hazel in Hindi is :

Definition of word witch hazel

Examples of word witch hazel

  • I now cut it short, not without difficulty, before the "witchhazel" stage is reached, and am regarded with blank astonishment and disapproval by the tonsorial professor, who feels his art and mystery insulted in his person, and is scarcely mollified by a ten-cent tip.
  • If ever there was a compelling argument to grow witchhazel, photographically this is it.
  • But my gardener friend told me about a native witchhazel that blooms in October/November here; seems strange!
  • Dave said this on February 2, 2009 at 9:30 pm | Reply hey glad to see you using the witchhazel on your header.
  • I find the green leaves of a witchhazel I recently installed quite entrancing. chuck b. said this on June 27, 2008 at 12:14 am | Reply
  • The gold reminds me in a way of the color of witchhazel.
  • He, however, made shift to scramble up its sides, working his toilsome way through thickets of birch, sassafras, and witchhazel, and sometimes tripped up or entangled by the wild grapevines that twisted their coils or tendrils from tree to tree, and spread a kind of network in his path.
  • = Sunburn =, -- treat with olive oil, vaseline or butter, or with a glycerine or witchhazel, applying with a dampened cloth.
  • Then, requesting a pitcher of hot water, he hobbled upstairs, politely declining not only the Misses Dowd's offer to bathe and bandage his heroic knee, but Miss Grady's bottle of witchhazel, Miss Miller's tube of Baume
  • Ilbrahim would derive enjoyment from the most trifling events, and from every object about him; he seemed to discover rich treasures of happiness, by a faculty analogous to that of the witchhazel, which


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