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What is the meaning of withdraw in Hindi?

Meaning of withdraw in Hindi is : हाथ खींच लेना

Definition of word withdraw

  • To pull (something) back, aside, or away. (verb)
  • To take back (a comment, etc). (verb)
  • To remove, to stop providing (one's support, etc). (verb)
  • To extract (money from an account). (verb)
  • To retreat. (verb)

Examples of word withdraw

  • It suggests a much more active decision to end the treaty and is much closer to the term breach than the term withdraw.
  • OH OH I forget he couldn't withdraw from a republican committee he had his hand in the pot to "withdraw" some of the coffers MAYBE
  • We'll see as our forces withdraw from the cities of Iraq that we never should have started that war either.
  • Although Nothing's protagonist, Pierre, seems to withdraw from the world, he is not necessarily a nihilist (one who believes in nothing).
  • However, a nihilist does not withdraw from the world and shout his beliefs from the treetops, nor does he care whether or not he can convert others to his philosophy.


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