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What is the meaning of witness in Hindi?

Meaning of witness in Hindi is : साखी

Definition of word witness

  • Attestation of a fact or event; the quality of witting something. (noun)
  • One who has a personal knowledge of something. (noun)
  • Someone called to give evidence in a court. (noun)
  • Something that serves as evidence; a sign. (noun)
  • To furnish proof of, to show. (verb)
  • To take as evidence. (verb)
  • To see, note, or gain knowledge of. (verb)
  • To present personal religious testimony; to preach at (someone) or on behalf of. (verb)

Examples of word witness

  • Now it would take the smallest portion of common sense to know that there is no witness, dead or living, who could testify to such a fact, save a _false witness_.
  • There is not a fact in it without a note of the name and address of the witness who can prove it -- the _witness_ -- observe me. '
  • The witness was reimbursed this witness* by the Solicitor-Gene - from the Duchy of Cornwall office* ral» he said* that this Mr.T. wa» by Mr. Gray.
  • Roth notes that after arriving at the university in 1979, she asked to work on the word witness or witnessing.
  • Well that's good clarification but the term witness line is an old and well established term that refers to the line which connects the "bubble" and is generally drawn coincident on-center to some object the witness line refers to.


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