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What is the meaning of wont in Hindi?

Meaning of wont in Hindi is : स्वभाव

Definition of word wont

  • Accustomed or used (to or with a thing). (adjective)
  • Accustomed, apt (to doing something). (adjective)
  • To make (someone) used to; to accustom. (verb)
  • To be accustomed. (verb)
  • One’s habitual way of doing things, practice, custom. (noun)

Examples of word wont

  • Part not from one whose wont is not to part from you;
  • And that they shall not pleade in any other place, except where they ought, and where they were wont, that is to say, at Shepeway.
  • Throughout the text, when "wont" is used as a contraction for "will not" or "would not" the author did not insert an apostrophe.
  • Some contractions look like words to the iPhone dictionary, so while it'll automatically add an apostrophe if you type "wont," it won't for "were," "well," or "hell."
  • As is his wont, Andrew Seal succeeds in this post, as in many others, to cloud and complicate clarity.


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