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What is the meaning of wooden in Hindi?

Meaning of wooden in Hindi is : लकड़ी का

Definition of word wooden

  • Made of wood: "a wooden boat". (adjective)
  • As if made of wood (figuratively): (adjective)

Examples of word wooden

  • Time has also dealt leniently with the picture, for it is as clear and bright as the day it was painted, and is carefully preserved in its original frame, into which a sliding wooden panel is made to fit and cover it: the outside being emblazoned with the _armes parlantes_ of the family of Holzschuher -- a _wooden shoe_, raised from the ground in the manner of the Venetian _chopine_.
  • In Full Moon, Mam is desperate to be an actress but gives an entirely new meaning to the word "wooden" - and the fact my late mother wanted desperately to act, and enjoyed amateur dramatics until she got too old to remember her lines, bless her, is equally beside the point.
  • I don't have a peel yet that's what you call the wooden thing, but I just rolled out the dough on a well-floured thin plastic mat that you use for rolling out pie dough, etc..
  • Once it's distilled, it's aged in wooden barrels -- both new barrels and used ones that have contained everything from sherry to bourbon -- which affects the color and flavor of the finished product.
  • Morning sessions were followed by huge lunches in wooden huts perched on the shoulders of the mountains – restaurants such as Sigmund's (Gasthof Schwaiger) and Gasthof Tiroler.


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