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What is the meaning of wools in Hindi?

Meaning of wools in Hindi is :

Definition of word wools

  • Plural form of wool. (noun)

Examples of word wools

  • He was not fat and dressed in Irish wools and chewing a cigar.
  • Except for the nylon parkas, which included one in a poncho style with a quilted red satin lining, the coats were made in English wools.
  • And for so much as the more part of the commonalty of the realm find themselves sore grieved with the matelote of wools, that is to wit, a toll of forty shillings for every sack of wool, and have made petition to us to release the same; we, at their requests, have clearly released it, and have granted for us and our heirs that we shall not take such thing nor any other without their common assent and goodwill; saving to us and our heirs the custom of wools, skins, and leather, granted before by the commonalty aforesaid.
  • Some of the wool had the stiffness of military cloth, and, of course, I thought of the kind of wools that Azzedine Alaia likes to use for his coats.
  • Jackytex highlighted finishes that enriched natural fabrics such as wools, cashmere silk, alpaca and viscose blends.


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