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What is the meaning of word in Hindi?

Meaning of word in Hindi is : समाचार

Definition of word word

  • Scripture; The Bible (noun)
  • The creative word of God; logos (noun)

Examples of word word

    • On the other hand, the Word is called a "_Word of wisdom_;" also, Ps. cxix.
    • The Office2 word processor lets you view, create, edit and save documents in Word 97-2003
    • - As expected, Microsoft has filed a motion to block an injunction that threatens to stop the company from shipping its flagship word processor, Word, saying that an earlier court ruling in favor of Canadian company i4i would cause 'irreparable harm'.
    • Currently, if there are two options for spelling a word, Word flags neither.
    • Numbering ANYTHING in Word is a PITA (pain in the ...) and Word itself is the weak sister in the Office Suite (excel is the jewel).


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