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What is the meaning of workman in Hindi?

Meaning of workman in Hindi is : श्रमिक

Definition of word workman

  • A man who labours for wages (noun)
  • An artisan or craftsman (noun)

Examples of word workman

    • So all the world, like the British workman, is 'twixt the devil and the deep sea.
    • An American workman will "give equal attention simultaneously to three, four, or six machines or tools, while the British workman is compelled by his trade union to limit his attention to one, so that employment may be given to half-a-dozen men."
    • But if the workman is not able to pay for it, he will not have the speed and steam, that is all.
    • The forces of supply and demand determine these prices — and the price of a skilled workman is no exception.
    • A period had been reached, and he was rounding it off in workman-like fashion.


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