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What is the meaning of workmanship in Hindi?

Meaning of workmanship in Hindi is : हुनर

Definition of word workmanship

  • The skill of an artisan or craftsman (noun)
  • The quality of something made by an artisan or craftsman (noun)

Examples of word workmanship

    • Such vehicles hark back to an era of class and pride in workmanship - and when "going green" merely meant feeling rather ill.
    • I hope all this enjoyment eventually translates into objects whose workmanship is not too shoddy.
    • The best fitting syn stock to metal I ever saw and the workmanship is superior to most Syn stocked firearms.
    • After the person has finished, you notice the workmanship is very sloppy.
    • Florals, plains, trim on collars etc are all excellent and the workmanship is very high quality - and larger lady friendly! her summer range is delightful and contains at least one dress!