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What is the meaning of workmaster in Hindi?

Meaning of workmaster in Hindi is :

Definition of word workmaster

  • A craftsman who owns a workshop. (noun)

Examples of word workmaster

  • Peter Carl Fabergé designer Mikhail Perkhin, workmaster Imperial Blue Serpent Egg Gold, blue guilloche enamel, opalescent white enamel, diamonds, sapphires
  • And this indeed is formed, that it may be a tune; and therefore (as I said) the matter of the sound is before the form of the tune; not before, through any power it hath to make it a tune; for a sound is no way the workmaster of the tune; but is something corporeal, subjected to the soul which singeth, whereof to make a tune.
  • And who but Thou could be the workmaster of such wonders?
  • So every craftsman and workmaster that laboureth night and day, he who maketh graven seals, and by his continual diligence varieth the figure: he shall give his mind to the resemblance of the picture, and by his watching shall finish the work.
  • Brown, already with a distinguished record in the Confederate States Navy to his credit, was appointed supervisory workmaster for the completing and arming of the boat.


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