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What is the meaning of world in Hindi?

Meaning of world in Hindi is : सर्वसाधरण लोग

Definition of word world

  • Human collective existence; existence in general. (noun)
  • The Universe. (noun)
  • The Earth. (noun)
  • A planet,especially one which is inhabited or inhabitable. (noun)
  • An individual or group perspective or social setting. (noun)
  • A great amount. (noun)
  • to consider or cause to be considered from a global perspective; to consider as a global whole, rather than making or focussing on national or other distinctions; compare globalise (verb)
  • to make real; to make worldly (verb)

Examples of word world

  • It is a test to \'live in the world but not of the world\ 'as Jesus put it.
  • And the idea that you can't set up a controlled experiment in an open-ended virtual world is curious -- scientists do this all the time, setting up controlled experiments in *the real world*.
  • We may distinguish between the world-in-itself and the ˜world™ of our perceptual and related experiences (the phenomenal world).
  • In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world_.
  • It is the principal idea which penetrates all our reasoning about the relation of God and the world -- namely, the idea of a _teleology in the world_ -- which is to lead us to a correct conception of the _miracles_ and their reconcilableness with a mechanism of nature and with the Darwinistic ideas of development.


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