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What is the meaning of worthlessly in Hindi?

Meaning of worthlessly in Hindi is : व्यर्थ रूप से

Definition of word worthlessly

  • In a worthless manner. (adverb)

Examples of word worthlessly

  • Was it actually poorly made or just worthlessly offensive?
  • Then we have the capability to service a worthlessly warm telescope.
  • I have just been watching the MP ` s on the spot for the South East which featured, Norman Baker MP (Liberal Democrat) Lewes (pictured posing worthlessly), as well as Michael Fallon and some Labour apologist.
  • They also may switch their investments, say to Euros, which means we have to print more money to meet our obligations and the dollar goes from the toilet to the sewage treatment plant and finally, winds up floating worthlessly in the sea.
  • That's because investors who hold positions in upside calls might be inclined to spread rumors that push up the stock to try to prevent their contracts from expiring worthlessly.


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