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What is the meaning of worthlessness in Hindi?

Meaning of worthlessness in Hindi is : मूल्यहीनता

Definition of word worthlessness

  • The quality of lacking worth, of being valueless, useless or devoid of benefit. (noun)

Examples of word worthlessness

  • The problem is, young gay kids -- the target of It Gets Better -- are learning about their worthlessness from the actions of the President's office.
  • This usually causes an eruption of huge emotion as the normal feeling of worthlessness is contradicted by the new worth in the person’s bank account.
  • As to the "worthlessness" of the bonds that the Treasury has issued to * itself* in the trust fund as a means of saving to finance its future obigations, they are no more or less worthless than any debt that any party issues to itself as a means of saving to pay a future cash flow need.
  • No point carrying the burden of that lie, as well as of the great one, that you (alone among humanity - and along with all the rest of us who are alone in our 'worthlessness') are nothing.
  • Behind the hard, shiny surface of black male bravado and black female flashiness is the reality many black couples face: eroded self-confidence brought on by self-doubt and acute awareness of one's "worthlessness" Petey says as much to Dewey that "talking is the only thing I can do without breaking the law" in the system and the narrow opportunities one faces when one is black and an ex-convict.


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