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What is the meaning of wourahli in Hindi?

Meaning of wourahli in Hindi is :

Definition of word wourahli

Examples of word wourahli

  • Particularly notable is his description of the wonderful wourahli (urari) poison, its extraordinary effect, and the _modus operandi_ of its making; a poison used extensively by Amazonian tribes but not made by all.
  • The supply of wourahli poison had run low and three wourahli men were to go out in the forest to collect poison plants, a journey which would require several days to complete.
  • The wourahli men set me off near the mouth of the Branco River, at a distance which I covered in less than five hours by following the banks.
  • These bones, about three and a half inches long, were smeared with wourahli poison, and thus rendered absolutely fatal even when inflicting only
  • These bones are slightly touched with wourahli poison and, concealed as they are under dead leaves, they inflict severe wounds on the bare feet of the _caboclos_, and death follows within a short period.


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