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What is the meaning of wrath in Hindi?

Meaning of wrath in Hindi is : रोष

Definition of word wrath

  • Great anger. (noun)
  • Punishment. (noun)
  • Wrathful; very angry. (adjective)
  • To anger; to enrage. (verb)

Examples of word wrath

  • _Surely the wrath of Man shall praise thee, and the Remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain; _ But _surely_ it becomes us to praise God, in that we have yet sustain'd no more Damage by the _wrath of the Devil_, and in that he has restrain'd that Overwhelming _wrath_.
  • This authority, as well as the nature of the case, renders it certain, that all, who indulge such feelings, are _in the gall of bitterness and under the bond of iniquity_ -- _dead in trespasses and sins_ -- _treasuring up wrath against the day of wrath_.
  • But that which carries on the formidableness of our Trials, unto that which may be called, _A wrath unto the uttermost_, is this: It is not without the _wrath_ of the Almighty _God_ himself, that the _Devil_ is permitted thus to come down upon us in _wrath_.
  • Thus where it is said upon pouring out the seventh vial of wrath, that _great _Babylon_ came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath_; this relates not to the time of _John_ the Apostle, but to the time of pouring out the seventh vial of wrath.
  • Beck had turned away in wrath from the table, and advancing with a magisterial step to the door, he threw it open; as if he thought, that longer to breathe the same air with the person he had excommunicated, would infect him with his own curses.


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