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What is the meaning of wrath in Hindi?

Meaning of wrath in Hindi is : रोष

Definition of word wrath

Examples of word wrath

  • Using Christopher Pike was the most obvious, followed by the brain-numbing creatures similar to those in Wrath of Khan.
  • Wings of Wrath is definitely the most eye-catching of the three, all that red is rather lovely, but in the end I don't think I'd open it up.
  • "Grapes of Wrath" is my all-time favorite, and there's a bunch of scenes that get me chuckling.
  • Maybe I'll call it "Wrath of the Goddess," or "Defenders of Elune," unless, of course, those names are taken.
  • Variety, who have the story, tell us that the latest expansion of the game entitled Wrath of the Lich King, sold more than 2.8 million copies on the first day of its release, and over 4 million in the first month.


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