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What is the meaning of wreathe in Hindi?

Meaning of wreathe in Hindi is : लपेटना

Definition of word wreathe

  • To twist, curl or entwine something into a shape similar to a wreath (verb)
  • To form a wreathlike shape around something (verb)
  • To curl, writhe or spiral in the form of a wreath (verb)
  • To turn violently aside or around; to wrench. (verb)

Examples of word wreathe

  • He would have his audience there, where the setting sun might wreathe him in an aura of brilliance.
  • But if I find myself in company with other people, words at once make smoke rings — see how phrases at once begin to wreathe off my lips.
  • Universal shallowness wonders and applauds; and Aristarchus the Little, fired to dare fresh achievements, is certain of new weeds to wreathe with his deciduous bays.
  • Someday they, too, may return to wreathe the fleshless grin
 of this country, the nexus of their souls.
  • And I love the “new weeds to wreathe with his deciduous bays.”


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