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What is the meaning of writer in Hindi?

Meaning of writer in Hindi is : साहित्यकार

Definition of word writer

  • A person who writes, or produces literary work. (noun)

Examples of word writer

  • The writer is making the assumption that … The author is writing this section to … The author used_____ to support their ideas The big idea in the writing is … about … The authors reason for writing this is … The author is showing me that _________because … The authors message is … Author Craft: Writers of nonfiction help readers by … When the writer_____, it helps make a strong Point of view: point because … When I read____, I can see the author feels … When the writer uses words like … The author feels that ____, because ____ ...
  • XML:: Writer:: Nest - > new (tag = > 'level1', writer = > $writer); {local $xml = $xml - > nest ( 'level2'); {local $xml = $xml - > nest ( 'level3');}}}
  • A burst writer is often a burst writer from the first days of attempting her first material.
  • Nature. com reviews two books about artificial intelligence, and points out that the work of a certain writer is ignored:
  • And then the film cutter and the title writer each