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What is the meaning of writing in Hindi?

Meaning of writing in Hindi is : लेखबद्ध

Definition of word writing

  • Present participle of write. (verb)
  • Graphism of symbols such as letters that express some meaning. (noun)
  • Something written, such as a document, article or book. (noun)
  • The process of representing a language with symbols or letters. (noun)
  • A work of an author. (noun)
  • The style of writing of a person. (noun)
  • Intended for or used in writing. (noun)

Examples of word writing

  • If you're writing nonfiction or memoir or something where craft is second to the information or story being conveyed then by all means have the actual *writing* part tightened up by a professional.
  • We take this opportunity of again begging correspondents who write to us on several subjects to oblige us by writing on separate papers; and_ (_which does not refer to_ A. L.) _by writing_ plainly, _more particularly_ proper names _and_ quotations.
  • I then showed it to the best experts in handwriting attached to the office, and called on outsiders to test their skill; but what the writing meant, _if it was writing_, was a conundrum that we all gave up.
  • I mean -- that you should put down in writing _all_ outgoings, and in such a way as you, or I, might easily reckon them up: I mean, so as to see what _each_ amounts to -- No man's Memory can be trusted in such matters; and I think that _your_ Memory (jostled about, as you say, with many different calls, [_sic_ no close to parenthesis] needs to have _writing_ to refer to.
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