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What is the meaning of wu in Hindi?

Meaning of wu in Hindi is :

Definition of word wu

Examples of word wu

  • This gives Zhuangzi's Daoism less of the primitive thrust of the Daode Jing (the term wu-wei virtually disappears in the inner chapters).
  • Anything that we cannot see is expressed by the Chinese word wu pronounced woo.
  • Wei Ying-wu is probably addressing the daughter of some dead friend whom he has brought up in his own family, or she may be a poor relation on his mother's side, but that she is not his own daughter is clear from the fact that her clan name differs from his, which is Wei.
  • A great Chinese sage from my heritage, Lao Tzu, promoted a practice called wu wei, which means effortless being and doing.
  • Both the pitcher and batter start in the state that precedes Tai Chi called wu chi.


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