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What is the meaning of yield in Hindi?

Meaning of yield in Hindi is : हार मानना

Definition of word yield

Examples of word yield

  • If the regular bill yield is 4% and I think inflation will average 2% for the next 10 years I am going to buy TIPS at any base Yield 2% and will buy regular bills at any TIPS yield
  • ( "Yield" is the percentage of applicants offered admission to a program who accept their offer.)
  • Yield is typically higher for those from within Vermont, and that didn't change.
  • VILES: Brokers charge fees and they collect something called a Yield Spread Premium from the lender.
  • OF MORTGAGE BROKERS: My experience is the borrowers do in fact understand that brokers get paid either as a part of a broker fee or an origination fee and also, in most cases, there's an additional compensation called the Yield Spread, fully disclosed to the Good Faith estimate.


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