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What is the meaning of young in Hindi?

Meaning of young in Hindi is : शावक

Definition of word young

  • In the early part of growth or life; born not long ago. (adjective)
  • As if young; having the look or qualities of a young person. (adjective)
  • Of or belonging to the early part of life. (adjective)
  • Having little experience; inexperienced; unpracticed; ignorant; weak. (adjective)
  • People who are young; young beings. (noun)
  • The younger generation. (noun)
  • Offspring. (noun)
  • To become or seem to become younger (verb)
  • To cause to appear younger (verb)
  • To exhibit younging (verb)

Examples of word young

  • God forgives the inattention at Mass of an old man when he sleeps; of a young man when he loves; and the wandering attention of an _old_ man blessed with a _young_ heart the Almighty will surely pardon, for He Himself must admire beauty, since He made it. '
  • I knew there was no chance for Marian and Anne; they're old maids, and I'm young -- _young_.
  • He could hardly refrain from a smile when he came across the sentence, "He was young enough to know better," as he substituted in a large illegible hand the word _old_ for _young_.
  • "She couldn't hev things a-gwine on so as they had been, and she was gwine to make these yer young ones keep better order;" for Dinah herself, somehow, indulged the illusion that she herself was the soul of order, and it was only the _young uns_, and the everybody else in the house, that were the cause of anything that fell short of perfection in this respect.
  • There would not be any thing essentially wrong in an attachment between these young people, if it sprang up naturally; only it would be necessary to impress upon them the fact that they were _young_, and that for years to come their minds should be largely occupied with other matters.