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What is the meaning of zero in Hindi?

Meaning of zero in Hindi is : सिफ़र

Definition of word zero

Examples of word zero

  • "You may not hear the term Zero Tolerance but we live and breathe Zero Tolerance every single day in R.P.D."
  • Interviewer Jesse Pearson asks what the title Zero History means.
  • What makes him even more unique is that his reviews are presented in a breathless, rapid-fire delivery (hence the title Zero Punctuation) and accompanied by simple but hysterical animated clips.
  • 'Coca-Cola Zero' gives new meaning to the term Zero Zero 7 as it launches a limited edition bottle to celebrate the release of the twenty second Bond film, 'Quantum of Solace'.
  • Indeed, the name Zero is meant to suggest the idea of looking at fashion with a blank slate and no preconceptions.


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