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What is the meaning of zeroing in Hindi?

Meaning of zeroing in Hindi is : लोपन

Definition of word zeroing

  • Present participle of zero. (verb)

Examples of word zeroing

  • The latest case involves a practice called zeroing, a mathematical trick with pernicious economic consequences.
  • The United States has lost numerous cases at the World Trade Organization in the past decade over a practice called "zeroing" used to calculate anti-dumping duties on products it says are being sold in the United States at less than fair value.
  • The department adopted its approach after the World Trade Organization said an earlier U.S. methodology, known as "zeroing," violated global trade regulations.
  • If the United States really wanted to make progress in the talks, it could address a number of contentious issues, he said. cotton, from $15 billion, cut "tariff peaks" on sensitive goods that keep out, comply with WTO rulings condemning its controversial method of calculating anti-dumping duties, known as zeroing, and let in more temporary workers for services from health to construction.
  • But the US wants to have its way against everyone else in the so-called zeroing mechanism.


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