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What is the meaning of zeros in Hindi?

Meaning of zeros in Hindi is :

Definition of word zeros

  • Plural form of zero. Two or more zero digits. (noun)
  • The decade of the 1800s, 1900s, 2000s, etc. The noughties. The 2000s. (noun)

Examples of word zeros

  • The government has introduced several measures to rein in inflation including imposing a ceiling on prices of some goods and services and knocking off three zeros from the country's currency.
  • Sylar as tag-along only draws attention to the fact that the sum of three zeros is still zero.
  • The sum of a million zeros is still zero, or to be more to the point: Society doesn't have sex, individual people do.
  • Pete laughed at your text - “four 0’s, twice, ha, that shows I go the highest rating (four zeros is a rating, the best), twice, pretty good in just a short time.”
  • Some were fully in agreement with agrarian reform running to four zeros, that is to say, a 3 + 4 zeros.


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