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What is the meaning of zeroth in Hindi?

Meaning of zeroth in Hindi is : शून्यवाँ

Definition of word zeroth

  • In the first position in a sequence whose elements are numbered starting at zero; the ordinal number corresponding to zero. (adjective)
  • Corresponding to a position preceding the first. (adjective)

Examples of word zeroth

  • The previously discussed omnidirectional patterns are also called zeroth-order patterns and the other patterns mentioned previously (dipole and cardioid) are called first-order patterns.
  • For the sake of simplicity the inorganic can be taken to include the quantum level, although perhaps this level could constitute its own 'zeroth' level.
  • Thus the year in which his father died was his "zeroth" year.
  • If Jehoiachin had been held captive for thirty-seven years before the accession of Evil-Merodach, then "the thirty-seventh year" would have to be the thirty-seventh year following a "zeroth" or "starting" year.
  • What cannot be seen is the hierarchically "zeroth" highest part, the root.


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