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What is the meaning of zircon in Hindi?

Meaning of zircon in Hindi is : तुरसावा

Definition of word zircon

  • A mineral occurring in tetragonal crystals, usually of a brown or grey colour and consisting of silica and zirconia. (noun)
  • A crystal of zircon, sometimes used as a false gemstone. (noun)

Examples of word zircon

    • The sands are called zircon sands because they contain sand-sized mineral zircon grains.
    • Red zircon, which is rare, is properly called "_hyacinth_."
    • This double nitrate has a specific gravity of 4.7963, therefore such a stone as zircon, which is the heaviest known, will float in it.
    • It is probably identical with the lighure of (Exodus 28: 19) The Jacinth or hyacinth is a red variety of zircon, which is found in square prisms of a white, gray, red, reddish-brown, yellow or pale-green color.
    • In general the mineral is recovered on a commercial scale only from placers, where it has been concentrated along with other dense, insoluble minerals such as zircon, garnet, ilmenite, and sometimes gold.


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