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What is the meaning of Appalachian in Hindi?

Meaning of Appalachian in Hindi is :

Definition of word Appalachian

  • Referring to the region of Appalachia or its characteristics. (adjective)
    एपलाचिया के क्षेत्र या इसकी विशेषताओं का जिक्र करते हुए।
  • A person from Appalachia. (noun)
    एपलाचिया का एक व्यक्ति।

Examples of word Appalachian

    • Shortly before the premiere, Graham suggested the title Appalachian Spring, drawn from Hart Crane's epic poem, The Bridge:O Appalachian Spring!
    • ACOSTA: Professor Robert Rupp likes Clinton's chances in what he calls the Appalachian primary.
    • She was very much absorbed in what you call Appalachian poor culture, and therefore I think this had a lot to do with our marriage in terms of her interests and mine.
    • The organic produce we raise -- on what used to be a tobacco farm here in Appalachian Virginia -- goes to our local farmers market, to a handful of restaurants, and to independent supermarkets in Virginia, Tennessee and neighboring states.