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What is the meaning of Aranea in Hindi?

Meaning of Aranea in Hindi is : ऐरेनिया

Definition of word Aranea

Examples of word Aranea

  • Aranea cavatica is her particular species of barn spider.
  • I found this very medicine in Dioscorides, approved by Matthiolus, repeated by Alderovandus, cap. de Aranea, lib. de insectis, I began to have a better opinion of it, and to give more credit to amulets, when I saw it in some parties answer to experience.
  • Aranea all Detects available from shamans, no Find Argan Argar Find (bronze, lead, obsidian)
  • Aranea diadema, the webs of which, in autumn, are so conspicuous on the surface of shrubs and in other similar situations.
  • There are great varieties of spiders in Ceylon, one of which is of such enormous size as to resemble the Aranea avicularia of America.
  • (Curculio lemniscatus from Shark Bay) a spider from Port Jackson (Aranea notacautha Quoy, Dolophones notacantha Walckenaer Apt. 1 383) in which the brown callosities at the end of the cylindrical abdomen were taken for eyes, a position rectified by Walckenaer as above and by Kirby in his
  • & Humore Cryftallino; immo maior erit, & Iongius intra Yitreum protraljetur, ii Humor Cryftallinus tenuioragnof - catur Aranea ipfum inuoluente: fic enim intra Cryftalli - oum, & in egrefiu ab 2II0 minueretur conuergentia; & ita vkerius difFeretur comridentia radiationum deferentium reprarfentatiuaSigiiabilisxondiftiriguibilis ab aliis in obie -
  • (as I often do), I found this very medicine in Dioscorides, approved by Matthiolus, repeated by Aldrovandus, _cap. de Aranea, lib. de
  • Aranea magis difcernibihs, eft Hunioris Cryftallini. contentiua, comparatione tamen cum» tenuiffimis Aranea - rumtelis ilc appellata -, "quae, licet admitteretur Retina verfiis fuperiorem Oculi - partem continuari, abillatamenmultum. dirlercj eft enimr omnino pelliicida, & la? uiffima v atque in fua. tanto maiori tenuitate denfiffima.