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What is the meaning of Bourgeois in Hindi?

Meaning of Bourgeois in Hindi is : रूढ़िगत

Definition of word Bourgeois

  • Of or relating to the middle class, especially its attitudes and conventions. (adjective)
  • The middle class. (noun)

Examples of word Bourgeois

    • _Le bourgeois et sa dame_ would watch them with kindly interest, deeming it a kindness not to tell them that there were no trains after twelve; and when the lovers at last determined that they must depart, _le bourgeois_ and _la bourgeoise_ would tell them that their room was quite ready, that there was no possibility of returning to Paris that night.
    • He, for example, coined the term bourgeois, as we understand it.
    • She laughed heartily, teased Paul about his accent and what she called his bourgeois ideas.
    • Tell a plains Indian that he has failed to steal horses from the neighboring tribe, or tell a man living in bourgeois society that he has failed to pay his bills at the neighboring grocer's, and the results are the same.
    • Each, plains Indian and bourgeois, is smeared with a slightly different veneer, that is all.
    • It was on a par with all the rest that Brissenden had condemned in bourgeois society.
    • Many true libertarians (most of whom have nothing to do with politics) still believe in bourgeois values as a guidline for thier lives.
    • To identify a given ideology and theoretical position as bourgeois, or petty bourgeois, is often valid; but it is never sufficient.
    • A proprietor who had capital enough to invest in trading goods and supplies was called a bourgeois.