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What is the meaning of CD in Hindi?

Meaning of CD in Hindi is : सी डीई

Definition of word CD

  • Compact disc; a form of digital media that is based on the use of a laser to read from a plastic disc in a reader device. (noun)
  • To cross-dress. (verb)
  • An abbreviation found on decals of automobiles, indicating that they are used by diplomats. From the French phrase corps diplomatique ("diplomatic corps"). (preposition)

Examples of word CD

  • You also realize that you used to hear the term CD and think compact disc rather than Creative Director and you almost miss those days where you felt invincible until life humbled you with the death of someone you thought would live forever.
  • What we hear on this CD is a simple and pious longing for some kind of integration between what was and what is.
  • Hitchcock says the CD is about saying goodbye to cycles of negativity, moving out of the "smoke age" of cigarettes and gasoline, and about hope and change.
  • Anyway, the theoretical maximum realisable value of a CD is about $700,000 (on average).
  • Well buying a CD is almost like an act of philanthropy: a way to support a band you liked after a show.
  • No such reversals of fate await the protagonist of novelist Kurt Vonnegut's freshly conceived 1993 text for "L'Histoire" -- retitled "An American Soldier's Tale" and receiving its first recording on a Summit label CD (DCD 532) -- which tells the true, World War II-era story of Pvt. Eddie Slovik, the first American soldier executed for desertion since the Civil War.
  • I commend you all for speaking up and I hope your CD is able to stand her ground and continue to defend the autonomy of Peace Corps.
  • This CD is a compilation of the jazz music mentioned in the Bosch novels and was given away to his readers on Michael's 2003 book tour.