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What is the meaning of Clo in Hindi?

Meaning of Clo in Hindi is :

Definition of word Clo

Examples of word Clo

  • Younger fans may know the Clo from the seventh season of Dancing With The Stars, where she stunk up the ballroom with her potty mouth and raunchy routines.
  • Miss Ryan (the name Clo gave) must wait till next day.
  • The cry of 'Clo'-pole-line-pins' is one long familiar to the neighbourhood; and as this honest couple have earned a good reputation by a long course of civility and probity, they enjoy the advantage of a pretty extensive connection.
  • Aerogel turns out to have the highest relative ability of clothing to provide warmth, known as a Clo value.
  • He was polite, as he had promised to be, and called Clo "Miss Riley."
  • The sound of the word "Clo" had struck upon his brain and wakened an echo.
  • Clotilde Otranto, or "Clo," as her friends call her, was the principal conductor for the Miami City Ballet, and before that was the resident conductor of the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • "Clo," he cried again, "thy mother -- she was but a girl and died alone -- I did no justice to her!