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What is the meaning of Elle in Hindi?

Meaning of Elle in Hindi is :

Definition of word Elle

Examples of word Elle

  • Of course, only as long as she had a neck to support them but still with a certain elle ne sais quoi that I fear the baseball cap lacks.
  • Inside Baseball: Now, here are some curve balls you can throw your Frenchie, once you have "elle" or "lui" in your crosshairs.
  • This I was glad of, thinking to have got 'elle' to enter to a 'casa de biber', but 'elle' would not, so I did not much press it, but suffered 'elle' to enter 'a la casa de uno de sus hermanos ', and so I past my time walking up and down, and among other places, to one Drumbleby, a maker of flageolets, the best in towne.
  • Pottle's shop till Betty Michell come, which she did about five o'clock, and was surprised not to 'trouver my muger' I there; but I did make an excuse good enough, and so I took 'elle' down, and over the water to the cabinet-maker's, and there bought a dressing-box for her for 20s., but would require an hour's time to make fit.
  • Thence to Jervas's, my mind, God forgive me, running too much after some folly, but 'elle' not being within I away by coach to the 'Change, and thence home to dinner.
  • This did trouble me mightily, so though 'elle' would not seem to have me trouble myself about it, yet did agree to the stopping the coach at the streete's end, and 'je allois con elle' home, and there presently hear by him that he had newly sent 'su mayde' to my house to see for her mistresse.
  • I did to my trouble see all the way that 'elle' did get as close 'a su marido 'as' elle 'could, and turn her' mains 'away' quand je 'did endeavour to take one ....