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What is the meaning of Fatah in Hindi?

Meaning of Fatah in Hindi is :

Definition of word Fatah

  • a major Palestinian political party and the largest faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). (proper noun)

Examples of word Fatah

  • HAZEM ABU SHANAB, FATAH OFFICIAL: The shooting against the Fatah supporters is something very, very bad that we are looking for.
  • FATAH OFFICIAL (through translator): We in the Fatah movement still remain hopeful that people will exercise self-restraint as we have restrained ourselves.
  • MARWAN BARGHOUTI, FATAH PARTY: People blame Fatah and Mr. Arafat because we promised the people that during neg -- through negotiations, we will achieve our independence and an end for the Israeli occupation.
  • Palestine Note 20 Apr 2010 - FATAH LEADER DISMISSES ABBAS ILLNESS CLAIMS Arabic-language news reports have surfaced in past 24 hours claiming PA President Mahmoud Abbas is seriously ill, prompting Fatah officials to dismiss rumors that the government is covering up the …
  • When he returned to Jenin in the early 1990s, however, he was shocked by what he described as Fatah's thuggish tendencies.
  • In my plan, it would mean that nobody in Fatah, Hamas, or the Israeli government could stand for office in a one state solution.
  • Fatah is betting that Palestinians will recognize that Hamas brought them to this point: